Derek’s (Totally Helpful) Guide on How To Be Tik Tok Famous (Emotional)


Derek Wong, Co-Editor-In-Chief, Staff Writer

So, you want to be Tik Tok famous. 

First of all, why would you want this? Like why? I am already questioning your judgment.

Then again, apparently, I myself am Tik Tok famous? I disagree with that notion. (pauses) Then again I did have one that got 72600+ likes… Anyway, that’s not the point. Tik Tok bad. DON’T use Tik Tok.

Also, I literally started making Tik Toks a month ago. I am the least qualified to answer this question.

What? You still wanna know? Ok fine. This is what I do.


1. Find a niche.

It could be literally anything from cat videos to Marvel to watching a guy literally just playing a video game all day. Just find an audience you can tap into. No, Tik Tok is NOT where you should explore your weird obsessions with Cheez Whiz. If you wanna watch hours of people cutting into kinetic sand, that’s fine.


2. Make hot takes or controversial stuff (within reasonable limits)

Make something that people will get mad about. Or just scream. People will eat that s*** up. DO NOT do those Tik Tok dances. My legal team will actually sue you for emotional damage.


3. Use an annoyingly large amount of hashtags to ensure more people suffer.

Fill out literally the entire description box with hashtags. It will make you look desperate, sure, but like, how else are you gonna get it out? Pro tip: use many iterations of the “For You” hashtag. 


4. Sit back and watch your phone break from all the notifications.

Or not. Tik Tok’s algorithm is weird. I don’t even know how it works.


Have fun being trapped in the cursed clock app for hours!