Editorial & Publication Policy

Mission Statement: To inform, entertain, and inspire the Keystone community by upholding the standards of truth, respect, privacy, and fostering school spirit.

Hate Speech: As the Keystone newspaper, we pledge to inform the student body about local and national news that is relevant to our community. Consequently, with a debate and news section The Keynote will not tolerate: slurs; derogatory language, attacking of religion, race, sexuality, or gender. All submissions will be reviewed and anything deemed as hateful will not be featured in the publication.

Submissions: Only Keystone Upper School students are allowed to submit to The Keynote. Submissions will be reviewed and chosen based on content and relevance. If you wish to submit an article, contact the appropriate Keynote editor with your pitch for approval. Articles should be kept between 200-600 word. Submissions should be in Times New Roman font size 12 with double-spacing and include the title and author’s name at the top of the submission. Editors will review and edit all submissions for length and clarity before publication. For submissions please email: [email protected].

Privacy: Keynote encourages giving credit to authors for their work, but authors may ask to be published anonymously due to individual circumstances including matters of privacy and safety. Articles may not be submitted anonymously, and all decisions on anonymity are subject to the discretion of the editors.

Letters to the editors: The Keynote will accept and review all letters sent to the editors. Letters should have a word count of 100-300, and the editors reserve the right to edit for length and clarity. Letters can be sent to our official email: [email protected]

Comments: Comments made on the Keynote website will be reviewed and approved by The Keynote editors before they are published.

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Editorial & Publication Policy