2020-2021 Staff

Derek Wong

Editor-In-Chief and Media Coordinator

Derek Wong is a senior who likes discussing hot topics relating to politics and the entertainment industry. He frequently participates in Model UN, loves writing and designing in LitMag and Yearbook, and his violin is his prized po...

Shreya Chaudhary


Shreya Chaudhary is a current junior who loves engineering and programming. She was a founding member of Keystone's FRC team and an intern at TigerGraph. In her freetime, she enjoys competing in hackathons and blogging. She constantly...

Jack Dougherty

Grammar Editor and Staff Writer

Jack Dougherty is a junior at Keystone who enjoys participating in Model UN and Academic Worldquest and has lately found himself in the midst of helping establish a robotics team for Keystone by the name of Reaching for the Sk...

Siona Manocha

Co-Head of Media and Coordinator/Co-Student Life and Culture Editor

Siona Manocha, a senior, has attended Keystone School since kindergarten. Through The Keynote, Siona employs the use of visual art and media to highlight the artistic talent of Keystone students, while shedding light on the diversity...

Allison Wu

Co-Head of Media and Coordinator/Co-Student Life and Culture Editor

Ali Wu, a senior, is excited to represent art in the Keynote with Siona this year! She aims to connect the Keystone community through writing and comics! She writes articles for Debate, World Today, and Student Life, and as editor...

Sarah Gonzales

Debate Editor

Sarah Gonzales is a senior at Keystone School and editor for The Keynote’s Debate section. She is involved in Model United Nations, Quizbowl, Science Fair, Golf, National Honor Society, and Senior Class affairs as the class’s...

Lorenzo Ruiz

The World Today Editor

Lorenzo Ruiz, a sophomore, is a staff writer and editor for The World Today. An enthusiast of government and current events, his hobbies include debate, Model United Nations, and co-hosting the political podcast Picket. Spurred...

Liza Curtright

Sports Editor

Liza Curtright is a junior who enjoys watching football and talking about leftist politics. She is one of the first members of Keystone’s FRC team, as well as a member of Foreign Language Club and Lower School Connects. When...

Hashim Latif

Staff Writer

Hashim Latif is a senior and a lifer at Keystone and he's extremely passionate about entertainment and culture in our world today. He wishes to work in the entertainment industry someday but he hopes that you enjoy his film revi...

Ella Best

Staff Writer

Ella Best is a senior who is passionate about Keystone culture and student life. She serves as the Student Council President and the co-Editor-in-Chief of the Literary Magazine. She enjoys writing, making bad art, playing softb...

Sarah Malik

Staff Writer

Sarah Malik, a current sophomore, has attended Keystone for 11 years. She loves to spread awareness and share her own experiences in the pieces she writes. She takes part in Debate, Model UN, Science Bowl, Basketball, and Keynote....

Siri Reddy

Staff Writer

Kaitlin Albarran

Casual Contributor

Kaitlin is a senior at Keystone School and has attended the school since she was in sixth grade. She is a part of Academic World Quest, Model United Nations, Foreign Language Club, and Girl Scouts. She loves to read, ride horses,...

Zofia Graham

Casual Contributor

Zofia Graham is a junior at Keystone school who enjoys singing and theater. She is a member of Robotics, Debate club, and choir as well as the Keynote. In her free time, she likes to watch YouTube videos and read.

Sarita Manocha

Casual Contributor

Sarita Manocha, a sophomore, has found a passion for writing throughout her years at Keystone. In Keynote Sarita spreads awareness and brings to attention the current events and world issues today. She shows spirit for the Keystone...

Miguel Solis

Casual Contributor

Miguel Solis is a current junior at Keystone. He is currently in the Keynote, and the FRC Robotics club, which he helped start along with other juniors. His favorite subjects are science and engineering. He does not know what...

Griffin Brooks

Staff Writer

Griffin Brooks, a junior and lifer at Keystone, is an avid Texans fan and passionate Social Democrat who enjoys playing sports and video games and making videos. He plays for the Keystone baseball and basketball teams...

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