ways to use ketchup


Liza Curtright, Staff Writer

No matter your religious convictions or lack thereof, if there is one thing to be agreed upon, it is that tomato ketchup is a divine gift bestowed upon us, who are infinitely undeserving of such a treasure. However, many people limit themselves in their use of this condiment, fearful of society’s petty rules about what is and is not acceptable to eat. To this I say: break free of your chains! Use ketchup as frequently as possible! Death is inevitable. Do you want to die knowing that you did not use ketchup on your food to the fullest extent possible? Of course not. Without further ado, here is a list of foods you may not have thought to use ketchup on but should.

1. Baked Potatoes

Given the prevalence of putting ketchup on other potato products, such as french fries and tater tots, one would think that also putting it on baked potatoes is just a no-brainer. However, douse your spud in ketchup and just wait for all the weird looks and judgemental comments you’ll get from those among your peers who are still slaves to the status quo. Ignore them. If you have qualms about mixing more traditional toppings, such as butter or sour cream, with ketchup, simply do not put those on. Let ketchup take center stage, and enjoy your delicious meal.

2. Waffles

Ketchup and waffles is a controversial pairing. Some may say that ketchup, a savory food, should not be eaten with sweet foods, like waffles. However, if chicken, another savory food, can be eaten with waffles, then why not ketchup? The ridges in waffles are good maximizing the amount of ketchup on it. Pictured below is an example of this delicious treat.

3. Ketchup 

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “This is a list of things to put ketchup on. How did ketchup make the cut?” Well, I will have you know that one of the best things to put ketchup on is more ketchup. Yes, this is just a convoluted way of telling you to straight-up eat ketchup. You can put it in a spoon or even suck it right out of a packet. It is a delicious way of cutting out the middleman, getting right to the stuff that you should really care about.