Volleyball Overview


As I logged on to Zoom to watch the Keystone volleyball game, the squeaks of shoes and the quick metronome-like thumping of hands hitting volleyballs filled my headphones as the Keystone volleyball team won yet another round. Watching their quick, seemingly masterful movements as the ball flew from one side to another was mesmerizing. Sure enough, the volleyball team ended this year as the bi-district champions. To learn about the season, I interviewed one of the two team captains, Stella Ciaravino.

Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, the main concern for the team was safety. While there were competitions, without a vaccine at the time, the Keystone team decided that they would not play any team who did not wear masks, causing them to forfeit several games. Throughout 2020, Stella describes the difficulty of connecting with the freshmen and describes the team as not as close. 

However, this year, with the advent of vaccines and in-person schooling, the team is now closer than ever. On the court, the team captains help lift everyone’s spirits throughout every game. In the interview, Stella described a volleyball ritual in which they introduce themselves through a small dance. The entirety of volleyball, in fact, is a collaborative effort, with everyone helping everyone to improve the team as a whole. Furthermore, even outside the court, the team continues to conduct activities together. After games, the team eats dinner together, visiting La Fonda during at-school games and HopDoddy’s when at the Rim. Occasionally, to relax, the team visits TopGolf and spends hours simply playing golf with each other. 

As this volleyball season came to a close, Stella looks towards next season to expand the team to new heights. As senior and fellow team captain Gabi Sullivan, while seemingly daunting, Stella looks forward to taking on the role of being the “rock” of the team. Excited for the growth of the sophomores as volleyball players and the year to come, Stella’s determination to win more games and carry the Keystone volleyball winning streak remains unfazed. Finally, as a final note, she extends appreciation to all of her fellow teammates for improving their volleyball skills and balancing sports with the Keystone curriculum.