Tech Tidbits (Vol. VII): Stomach Bug vs. Programmer


Shreya Chaudhary, Editor-in-Chief

When one of my peers was sick, to cheer them up, I drew and sent them this comic. This also marks the end of my and trackpad comics which is a huge relief for my hands.

When programming, an error in code is called a bug, named for when actual bugs (specifically, moths) would get stuck in huge machines and cause errors when running. 

Usually, if there’s a bug, the compiler will have some sort of message helping you figure out what is wrong. However, occasionally, the error is cryptic or a programmer is still confused. In that case, one of the best forums for solving the error is Stack Overflow. (Fun fact: I used to be in the top 1% of Stack Overflow users when I was active on the platform.) In this comic, there are no results of the compiler error on Stack Overflow, and therefore the coding friend believes them to be doomed.