Shreya’s Anime Binge-Watching Recommendations


Shreya Chaudhary, Co-Editor in-Chief

During summer breaks, my sister and I love curling up on a couch during our lunch breaks to watch anime. Now, I’m not talking about the super mainstream, popular, and almost “stereotypical” anime. I suppose the anime I prefer is what most of my anime-loving friends have never seen. In fact, if you are not a hardcore anime fan, you will likely enjoy this the best. So, without further ado, here’s my list of anime binge-watching recommendations (that you probably haven’t heard about). Note that the order is just the progression I’ve watched them in, not a “favorite” of any sort. 



  1. Your Lie in April

This is a classic and pretty popular but still a must-watch nonetheless. Follow the journey of Kousei, a prodigy pianist, after he becomes burnt out from playing the piano, haunted by visions of his deceased mother every time he sits at his piano bench. When a young violinist brings an unorthodox style of playing full of passion, will she convince him to play the piano again? And what is the mystery behind the girl herself? Through this show, I gained a new appreciation for music, learning that after mastering the notes of a song, a musician should work on pouring passion into expressing their desires. For all the characters, music is an expression of themselves through their unique interpretations of the songs. Overall, whether you’re a music lover or not, I’d definitely recommend this anime to everyone. 


  1. Angel Beats

Lovers of science fiction will adore this anime. The story takes place in the afterlife when Otonashi wakes up to almost getting shot. As he bands with a group from school, questions arise of who really is good and who is not? How did Otonashi die? What does everyone have in common in this world? If you need an anime to cry to, I most definitely recommend this anime. (Though, honestly, all shows on this list are very cry-worthy.) 


  1. Plastic Memories

If you can’t tell, I like science fiction anime, so here’s another one! In this world, humanoid robots and humans coexist; however, the robots must be reset every several years. Furthermore, the robots occasionally go rogue and can start killing off others. Friendships between robots break and divide throughout this anime as we follow the story of Tsukasa Mizguaki as he solves problems with his robot partner Isla around the city, slowly revealing both of their pasts. 


  1. Kono Oto Tomare

Once again, here’s another music anime! Here, follow Takezo Kurata as he tries to keep the koto club alive. The koto, a Japanese instrument that is plucked, is what unites several loveable yet flawed characters, including Chika Kudo—a bully who is accused of killing his grandfather, a craftsman of some of the finest kotos—and Satowa Hozuki—a koto prodigy who was outcasted from her parents’ prestigious koto school. Following the journey of the characters as they try to go to nationals, learn how perseverance and love for an instrument can spark an enthusiasm and passion that can work wonders. 


  1. Kiznaiver

This was the most recent anime I have seen. It is pretty absurd: a group of friends with contrasting personality types find themselves together in an experiment, bonded by pain. They all share each other’s pain, starting with physical pain but then increasing into different types and levels of pain. Throughout the show, the group’s dynamics and friendship change and grow, sometimes divided due to emotions and sometimes closer than ever. Overall, this anime explores friendship: what really is friendship? Is sharing pain necessary for friendship? Even if you are not a deep anime fan, this show plays on anime stereotypes and is welcoming to anyone interested.