Random Rookie Recipes (Vol. I): Chocolate Scrambled Eggs


Shreya Chaudhary, Editor in-Chief, Staff Writer

“What if we replace regular milk with chocolate milk and make a brand new recipe?”

Welcome to Chef Shreya’s Kitchen. After the past pie fail (see Pie Baking for Pi Day!), I figured I’d take you on my adventure of more experimental basic recipes. And first on our menu is… chocolate scrambled eggs. 

Now, I’m a chocolate-lover, and one of the simplest breakfast recipes for me to make is scrambled eggs. Frequently, while I make scrambled eggs, the question above appears in my mind. So let’s see how it turns out!

First, start off by making basic scrambled eggs. To do this, I cracked an egg into a cup and added a pinch of salt. Next, the milk. Now, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’ve always wanted to put chocolate milk instead of regular milk in my eggs. Why? I don’t know; it just seems really cool. So I finally did it and poured chocolate milk till the cup was about 75% full. Finally, I mixed the contents together with a spoon.

I then turned on the stove, placed my pan on the stove, added a bit of oil, then poured the contents of my cup into the pan. The hard part here is that for normal eggs, you have to wait till the eggs change color to know when they’re ready; here, it was more about estimating when it was ready. I used a utensil to cut up the eggs to make them scrambled, then when I was just about done, I added some chocolate chips for the finishing touch. Finally, I plated them, sprinkled a few more chocolate chips for good measure, and poured myself a cup of chocolate milk on the side. 

Then, voilà, my chocolate scrambled eggs recipe officially came to life! And, to a surprising number of people’s surprise, the eggs actually tasted pretty good. I liked the chocolatey-ness, and adding the chocolate chips as the final touch just accentuated the meal. 

Overall, it wasn’t at all a fail, and I even made another plate. If you’re a chocolate fan wanting to jazz up the traditional scrambled egg recipe, I’d 10/10 recommend this to you. Or maybe you want to change it up even more? Add strawberry milk or blueberry milk or something else and tell me how it goes! Either way, for any scrambled eggs lovers, the recipe is simple enough to add in your own creativity and explore, so good luck with whatever awesome variants you create!