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Stone Soul Quarter 1: Debuys are Back in Town

[The first in a series about Stone Soul.]

What is “Stone Soul?” Some say it was founded by a mysterious Keystone figure often seen at the top of staircases. He towers over most and has a booming, resonant laugh that shakes the foundation of buildings. He is only spoken of with reverent language—as a “Doctor,” a “Bestie,” as “B-Law.” One quickly finds out that once he speaks, his word will be law. 

His orders are carried out by his disciples, who have since formed a council and even a club. Years ago, inspired by Hunter S. Thompson, I entered the organization up-close and personal. On my first day, as a mere freshman, I witnessed his shadowy cabal organize into a semicircle. Hands were raised. Suggestions were accepted. Posters were created and voted on. All the while, “Bestie” sat at his desk to observe the delegation. One could see the mechanisms firing off in his enormous brain. 

“To submit an act to Stone Soul,” he said, “all you need to do is to scan the QR code on the posters around campus and fill out a form.” As long as it’s approximately less than four minutes and not obscene, B-Law and the council will approve it for performance. 

After the congregation left, Dr. Lawrence extended his hand towards me in that fateful room. Faint laughter rang outside, and I recognized this moment as a turning point in my life. The world shifted on its axis. He asked me if I was interested in joining “Literary Magazine.” 

And so, what began as journalistic curiosity transformed into boundless love for the event itself. One Friday night every quarter, we gather quickly like ants beneath the twilight and create the greatest Stone Soul the world has ever seen. Talented artists of all mediums descend on the cafeteria stage and make it beautiful. So, so much has happened within those thirty-five feet of space. Soaring pop songs, classical music, death metal performances, health code violations, slam poetry, key changes, rap battles, comedy routines, K-pop performances…the list goes on. Amps are plugged in, chairs and decorations are arranged, stage lights shine over the instruments and performers, and at this most recent one, you’d have to have a stone soul to not be moved…

The night was September 29th. B-Law’s loyal disciples moved in a frenzy, setting up chairs in rows, plugging in densely packed wires coiled like cobras. The Medical Club feverishly sold paletas outside to the growing congregation. By 6:30, the crowd had poured into the cafeteria, and the two co-hosts, Caden Debuys and Tristan, took the stage to a deafening roar of adoring fans. We knew Debuys were back in town.


This quarter, six first-time performers braved the stage!

–Without breaking concentration once, Lilian juggled three stuffed animals.

Lila, new to Keystone, played piano beautifully.

Audrey began her Stone Soul days with a rendition of “Spotlight.

–For the first time in ages, Stone Soul had poetry performances! Zander demonstrated his literary gifts onstage, and during its finale, Nidhi delivered a heartfelt poem about hope and resilience. The author hopes poetry performances stay as a cornerstone of Stone Soul.

Cam established himself as a violin virtuoso. I find it telling that the once-prolific Vivaldi hasn’t released any new music since Cam’s performance…

–Stone Soul itself opened with “Rictus,” an intense noise rock/metal song composed by myself and performed by Caden G (bass), Terenti (drums), and me (vocals, guitar.) Lyrically, it was about lovesickness and demonic rituals. I would report more, but I was too busy mooning after the singer.

Yaseen performed “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn,” a soft love ballad that got the crowd swaying back and forth, phone flashlights on and forming a wave.

Caden G (vocals, guitar) and Bella (bass), longtime staples of Stone Soul, played “Duvet,” a delicate indie piece. Caden played an intricate solo that stretched the entire neck of the guitar

Charlie and Taiga played the ever-catchy “Fireside” by Arctic Monkeys, with Rafa joining them on drums shortly after for the more intense “Step on Me.” Armed with an electric guitar and a wonderful voice, Rafa later performed a piece on her own: Watching Him Fade Away by Mac Demarco. 

–Tragically, the previous years’ chefs who served Z-grade, undercooked waffles have since taken their culinary expertise to universities. The first game this time involved each grade’s representative trying to guess a teacher’s favorite animal. Abby won. (What other animal could Mrs. Garcia, a devout Aggie, hold in such esteem but the A&M dog–Reveille?

Her prize was a signed picture of Tristan and Caden D. I considered it to have negative rizz, as the kids say, but eight people swooned and fainted instantly when it was revealed to the audience. 

–The piano performances were, as always, eye-popping. Ruudi played “Ace of Spades,” fingers flying across the keys at blistering speeds. Tony, driven by his piano prowess and boundless love of the French language, enchanted us with “Mariage D’amour.”

Ruby sang “Control” by Zoe Wees. Her act–emotional and sensitive–drew from the heart.

Tristan and Cash channeled their inner Gordon Ramsay during a taste-testing game where they ranked Lunchables. The author of this article testifies (and always will testify) that the Pizza Meal is a rock-solid S-tier. No amount of expiration can remove the fact that it tastes like childhood.


After the final words of poetry by Kate, Niraj, and Joanna dispelled into the evening air, Stone Soul ended as a smashing success. Like the doctor he is, B-Law (with the help of his trusted disciples) healed the lunchroom’s disarray. Before long, all was well in the world again. 

Cars drifted home in the dead of night beneath a glowing moon pale and smooth as B-Law’s forehead. The roar of the highway in my ears, I raised my hands up to the sky in supplication, wishing that every Stone Soul would be as phenomenal as this one. 

Until next time, keep on rocking in the free world. 


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Evan Hamaoka
Evan Hamaoka, Student Life Editor
Evan Hamaoka is a senior at Keystone. His hobbies include creative writing, playing guitar, eternally searching for the worst movie of all time, listening to music, performing harsh vocals, running, and over-analyzing media. He is a part of LitMag, theater, soccer, and track.

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