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The Student Publication of Keystone

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The Student Publication of Keystone

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13 Ways of Looking at Dr. Lawrence

LitMag had its first meeting of the school year last Friday, and what better way to kick off the year than by honoring the best sponsor we could ever ask for—our dear Dr. Lawrence? For years, he has been the rock of the LitMag, helping to organize meetings, Stone Souls (Keystone’s spin on open-mic nights), and create the literary magazine the club publishes every year, not to mention being one of the kindest, most empathetic people we know. So, to show him what he means to us, each member of LitMag wrote a stanza describing their perspective of him, and we compiled the stanzas to create a poem inspired by “13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” by Wallace Stevens. The poem follows: 


13 Ways of Looking at Dr. Lawrence

by LitMag*



I do not know which prefer:

The beauty of “Turn around 

and talk to someone next to you,”

or the beauty of “Happy Monday.”



Everyday greeting us with a smile,

saying hello,

no matter what type of day it is,

for us or for him.

Every day is something new,

something special, as he 

teaches us more than English lessons. 



Sometimes I wonder what goes on in his mind when examining a text,

but then I realize: I share similar thoughts,

though different people. He passionately slams his hand on the table, 

as if also wondering what goes on in my mind,

and our wonderings cease, as we come to a consensus.



The biggest, kindest heart to share.

Khaki pants, button-down shirts, fist bumps, Happy Tuesdays,

Constant enthusiasm, remotes of power, never ending care.



I hop to my feet,

drudge up the stairs.

Who do I see?

Dr. Lawrence is there.



English teacher.

Public speaking, writing, reading. 

Quiet, reserved, there. 

Happy, energetic. 



A hardly hidden smile,

teasing those foolish enough to slip up

under his watchful gaze.

Like a loudly whispered secret.



A booming voice out of nowhere 

that you feel in your feet first.

“Hush, it’s my turn,” it declares.



Like a trumpet at 2 o’clock every day,

a fanfare announcing your arrival 

and introducing you to 

anyone who wants to listen.



Anticipation tingles up my spine.

I wonder how he’ll react this time

to my fifth extension request on an essay.



A voice from the top of a stairwell 

that says “Hello” every day.

He’s cool. 



Oh happy were the days.

Oh Stonecatcher!

A flag poised for justice held high 

against the wind.



Oh Bestie! 

Is there a name more fitting

for our dear

Dr. Lawrence? 

*LitMag Contributors (in no particular order): Zero Wang, Shaumprovo Debnath, Inaayat Hans, Tristan Villafranca, Megan Liu, Nidhi Bathla, Suhavi Kaur, Valerie Huang, Anabelle Cross, Lilian Sublette, Evan Hamaoka, Joanna Sohn, Niraj Srivastava, and Kate Rickels

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About the Contributor
Niraj Srivastava
Niraj Srivastava, Editor-in-Chief
Niraj is a current Senior at Keystone who is interested in spreading awareness about health issues and inequality through his writing. He is fascinated with the field of biology and plans to work in the medical field. He also loves to travel and experience different cultures.

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