Senior Spotlight- Jasmine Hollis


We’ve all heard their wonderful voice and seen their kindness in action- but who is Jasmine Hollis? Jasmine is a lifer at Keystone and has done so many interesting things. Jasmine is an avid participant in Science Fair, Keystone Sports, the musical world, and other cool opportunities. So why not spotlight Jasmine and highlight all they’ve accomplished- academically, physically, and in their relationship with the world around them? 

The first thing I would like to highlight about Jasmine is their academic career and interest in science. Jasmine has done is a backpacking trip over the summer of 2022, called Inspiring Girls Expeditions (a really inclusive and interesting program) in the North Cascades. They spent four nights walking on glaciers and snow and survived getting “shin-bang.” “Shin-bang”, says Jasmine, “is when your boots are too big and keep hitting your shin and every time you step there’s a sharp pain”–ouch. Jasmine is truly a trooper because that sounds terrible to experience. Along with the perseverance of hiking and camping in the mountains for four days, Jasmine also was learning about geology, volcanology, and glaciology. The participants had to do a project and worked on collecting data in different spots and presented their projects at Western Washington University. Their favorite part of the trip was when it stormed and they got to see tons of different cloud formations and a progression that built up into a storm- making sense since Jasmine says they want to possibly pursue meteorology in the future, which has to do with the weather and atmosphere. Aside from this trip, Jasmine also pursues science at the Science fair. I don’t completely understand what they are working on, but they said “One year, a friend and I worked on a hurricane energy project, where we made a device that could convert wind energy into electricity. It didn’t work very well, but the idea was there and we did go to state, but nothing happened there. Another year, we did an ozone-related project where we tested the effects of ozone pollution on harvester ants. Some ants died in both subject parties, but the subjects introduced to ozone had mental degradation, which was interesting to watch.”

The writer when Jasmine talked about the ants going crazy

Besides being extremely intelligent and passionate in their studies, Jasmine is a staple in the sports teams at Keystone, as well as a fantastic person. Jasmine has played soccer for one year and managed this last season, as well as playing basketball all of their high school careers. They are a baller and are very good. If you haven’t seen Jasmine play basketball you are unlucky because it is truly a treat. They always put in their full effort and communicate with their teammates. Everyone on the team loves Jasmine, who is just a great leader and teammate. Their joyful disposition, high effort, and motivating spirit helps everyone succeed.

Jasmine is a truly wonderful person who is heading toward big things. They will change the world someday and that is no easy feat. Jasmine has accomplished a lot of things in the short time we all have in High School. From exploring Science, learning new instruments, participating in sports, and being a favorite during Stone Soul, Jasmine is more than worthy to be spotlighted and congratulated for all their hard work.

Jasmine’s cat Poofy getting a bath