What Goes On in Litmag


As the second quarter started, Litmag had a meeting on Friday, October 21st. For our meeting, we decided to have our members go out to their fellow students during lunch and ask them to write down thoughts on what the season of fall means to them. Then, we regrouped and created found poems from the contributions. Here are the results!



“Texas Roller-Coaster”

by: Class of 2023


Fall, it isn’t summer

it’s the season between

summer and


Walking outside

without feeling


Texas fall sucks

unless sweaters appear.


Anand “AB” Bandi

feels so cozy

with hot chocolate, a

respectable drink.

Cuddling with Anand

like pumpkins and warm



Less medications and

demonic presences, I get to

pretend to be anybody else

Quantum Physics


“Pumpkin Spice”

by: Class of 2024


Crisp midnight breeze,

crimson sunset,

Autumn leaves

Red, orange, brown, grey


Cinnamon, Nutmeg, pumpkin, latte

coffee, cocoa, costumes candy,

spending time with friends,

Eating all the kid’s candy


Midnight, twilight, chilly weather

sweatpants, blanket, long sleeves, sweater

like watching a really good movie

that you don’t want to end.

Which fall found poem resonated with you?


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