Staff Selections: Halloween 2022 Movies


If you’re not the type to go out trick-or-treating, another fun activity for October 31st can be to stay in and watch a scary movie. Five of the Keynote staff will be doing just that. Here are some suggestions:


Nightmare Before Christmas (mentioned by two people!)

Perhaps a controversial pick (is it Halloween-themed or Christmas?), but Jack Skellington is undoubtedly a Halloween icon.



When I think of horror movies, this is one of the first that comes to mind.



A bit of an oldie, but it sticks around for a reason! Good for all ages.


“Any Stephen King thing”

Anything related to Stephen King’s works is sure to give me a nightmare.



A wonderful introduction to horror for children, but it only becomes scarier when you get older.



Not the new movies, to clarify. 


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