Is There a Correct Way to Eat Candy Corn?


With origins from the British Celts, to being diffused through America, Halloween has had its fair share of history. All sorts of sweet treats may come to your mind when thinking about this spectacular holiday, but what most people usually picture is candy corn. This tri-colored sweet delight has been a favorite of millions of Americans across the country. Although this seasonal confection is relatively tiny and typically eaten in handfuls, have you ever wondered whether there may in fact be a “correct” method to eating these candies?

How do Most Americans Eat Their Candy Corn? 

While it may not seem like a debatable question, the data NCA (National Confectioners Association) has compiled says otherwise. According to the distribution below, 48% of poll respondents don’t eat a piece all at once. Even with this contrasting data, it’s revealed that most Americans do eat the whole candy at once. 

The “Correct” Way

Factors such as state and age tend to influence the responses individuals may give on how they consume candy corn. While some younger consumers might prefer starting off with a certain color, others might not care as much. Even though there is not exactly a “correct” manner in eating anything, knowing how those around you eat is an interesting question to ponder. Similar to cultural eating habits, like the use of chopsticks vs. fork/knife, it comes down to how comfortable you are with a particular method of eating that particular food. Whether you bite the white corner or the yellow base of the candy first, everyone can still bond over their shared love (or hatred) towards this Halloween classic. After getting a quick insight into these crazy candy statistics, how do you eat your candy corn? Would you change your ways after seeing how others across the nation prefer to eat it?


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