Top 3 Disney Movies: Explained


Sarah Malik, Casual Contributer

  1. Teen Beach Movie

In third, we have Teen Beach Movie. This movie is about two high schoolers, Brady and Mac. They love to surf and hang out on the beach. One day they decided to use Brady’s grandfather’s special surfboard. While on the water, the surfboard teleports them to a movie called Wet Side Story, Brady’s favorite musical. Brady and Mac aren’t able to find a way home—they are basically stuck in a movie. With their presence, they disrupt the flow of the movie and the two main characters fall in love with the wrong people. Lela falls in love with Brady and Tanner falls in love with Mac. The disruption confuses all the other characters and the movie starts becoming different. Throughout Teen Beach Movie, Brady and Mac have to find a way to make Lela and Brady fall in love with each other. This is a great movie because the soundtrack is catchy and the costumes are amazing. Overall, the plot is funny and it makes the viewer want to see the sequel. 


  1. Camp Rock

In second place we have Camp Rock. This movie is loved by many and for good reason. It’s about Mitchie, a high schooler who loves music and hopes to pursue it in her future. Her parents surprise her by letting her go to music camp in the summer. To pay for it, her mom works as a chef at the camp. While at the camp, Mitchie Meets a mean girl named Tess. Mitchie wants to seem cool so she says her mom is a famous chef in Japan. Mitchie also meets Shane Gray, a famous singer who usually goes to the camp every summer because his uncle created it. There is a competition at the end of the summer where anyone can perform and Shane would pick the person he wanted to sing with. This musical is filled with competition, jealousy, and love, and it is super fun to watch. We get to see Mitchie and Shane fall in love, but her lies get in the way. The soundtrack of this movie is great as well and this movie is what made the Jonas brothers famous. There is a Camp Rock 2, but it isn’t as good as the first one. 


  1. High School Musical

The best Disney Channel original movie ever made is High School Musical—not just the first one, but all three. This musical is about a new girl named Gabriella who moves to New Mexico. She loves science, and she is a bit shy as well. The first person she meets is Troy. He is the MVP of East High’s basketball team. They meet at a New Years’ party where they are partnered to sing karaoke. Soon, they are reunited at East High. Gabriella makes Troy realize how much he loves to sing and act, but he is scared to tell his friends because everyone knows him as a jock. Gabriella and Troy find a way to secretly practice for an upcoming audition but also try to balance their extracurriculars without anyone finding out. They audition and get the main parts in the musical. Throughout the movie, Troy and Gabriella fall in love and find their new passion in the performing arts. This movie has the best soundtrack ever made, and the plot is chef’s kiss. I recommend this movie to everyone no matter their age because it’s absolutely perfect. I only talked about the first movie, so you will have to watch the second and third to find out what happens next.