Why Meena is the Worst Character in Sing

Why Meena is the Worst Character in Sing

Caden Garza, Casual Contributer

I’m sure that you—yes, you, dear reader—have a life and may not be caught up on all the recent news about children’s movies like Sing!, Boss Baby, and that weird furry movie that is going to come out, but one thing you should know is that everyone hates Meena. Meena is an elephant from Sing! and Sing! 2 who is rightfully hated. She is extremely annoying and the absolute worst compared to others who share her name and is very similar to the worst character in the Pitch Perfect series: she may be able to sing, but her crimes outweigh her “slay.” 


Summary of Sing! And Sing! 2


A koala guy, Buster Moon, owns a theater, and it is not going well. His theater is basically going to go out of business, so to save it, he decides to put on a singing competition. Why would this save the theater? I have no clue, but he’s an optimist, so he does it. The main characters include a gorilla, Meena (the worst elephant), Scarlett Johansson as a rock porcupine, and a mouse who is just there. 

Sing! 2

Buster Moon is back and this time he is with his party of “stars” (the main characters from the first movie) and wants to hold a concert extravaganza to impress a talent scout. They have to convince Clay Calloway, a rock star who hasn’t been seen in fifteen years (and voiced by Bono, who is also as irrelevant). Buster scouts some more people to join his show and the guy helping him put it on, a wolf named Jimmy Crystal (our antagonist of sorts) almost kills Buster. Eventually, the best character, Porsha Crystal (voiced by the queen Halsey) steals the show away and kills it (best part of the movie in my opinion). The movie ends with Buster having pulled off another success of a show, this time in the place the talent scout told him he would flop in. 


The Crimes of Meena

Meena may seem like a “timid” and “lovely” character, but she is not. She is so extra and unnecessary in the movies. 


Crime 1: Singing Happy Birthday the most extra way ever

I don’t think I even need to explain why this is the worst ever. As you can hear she is singing so extra for no reason—it is just her grandpa’s birthday. Why is she trying to outdo the closest members of her family? Who is she trying to impress? She started out fine, but why did she add the high notes and the vibrato? What was the reason? I’ll tell you why. She is an evil showoff who wants nothing more than to make her poor grandfather, mom, and dad feel bad for not being able to sing. Is she trying to kill her grandpa with that high note?

Crime 2: The Destruction of Property + Her continuing to sing and not care

If you skip to 2:50, you can see her destroy the stage with her voice. While she is slaying the singing, she “doesn’t worry about a thing” after she destroys the stage. She just shrugs and keeps singing. You can be fined anywhere from $500 all the way to $200,000 for destroying property. She destroyed the stage with Buster, the going-out-of-business theater owner, who has no money to spend on broken stages. She is inconsiderate and never apologized. 


Crime 3: Manipulating a MAN to give her free ice cream

As we all know men are SUPERIOR to women. They work hard to support the LOUSY women who do nothing all day. She looks so bad in this outfit—like, what is the makeup? Is that the James Charles Palette (as my classmate Ishan asked)? She isn’t a goddess and does not deserve free ice cream. She used her “feminine wiles” to manipulate him. 


Other Annoying Characters that are like Meena 


Rachel Berry

If you haven’t seen Glee, it is very entertaining, but Rachel is the worst character ever. She is annoying, a try-hard, and is manipulative and whiny. I could go on about how annoying she is. If you have seen Glee, then you can now truly understand how bad Meena is. 


Emily Junk

Pitch Perfect is a great series. It is so dumb and funny and ridiculous. My favorite character is Amy (pictured on the right, my queen <3), and then next to her is the most annoying character ever. She sings her dumb song “Flashlight” and causes the Bardon Bellas to not be as good. She’s annoying and tries too hard to be like her mom or live up to her expectations. As much as I love Hailee Steinfield, this character was not it. 


Minas that are better than the flop Meena


Mina Myoui 

Mina Myoui of the hit k-pop girl group Twice is a singer and dancer. She is extremely talented and beautiful as you can see. She is sweet and the timid girl Meena wishes she could be. Mina enjoys Minecraft, penguins, and is a ballerina. 


Mina Ashido

The pink character from My Hero Academia, Mina Ashido, has acid powers. She is pink and can dance. That’s way more than Meena can do. Mina is funny and kind, the opposite of the evil deviless Meena. 



This concludes my article about how terrible and entitled Meena is and why you should hate her. Her grandpa outsold. Also, if you read all of this without laughing or understanding it was a joke, now you know. I do not think men are superior, I just thought it would be ridiculous and funny to say. Thanks and I hope you stan Twice now.