Student Spotlight — Antoine Arnosky


When college stress was at its peak, I suddenly felt a buzz from my phone, finding a text from an unknown number. After quickly chatting with the mysterious number, I asked who the sender was, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn it was Antoine checking in that everyone was well throughout the chaotic college application process. This, I believe, is a true testament to Antoine’s caring character. Always saying hello while passing and checking in on his friends during times of stress, Antoine’s amicable and considerate demeanor led him to create positive change for the school and his community. 


Joining the Keystone community in ninth grade, Antoine has had a massive impact on the school as the president of the National Honor Society (NHS) and the president of the Spanish branch of the World Language Club (WLC). He attributes his most meaningful impact to be “Reading Buddies,” a collaboration with NHS and San Antonio Youth (SA Youth) in which high school students virtually read Spanish and English books to elementary students once or twice a week. His favorite part about Reading Buddies is the excitement of students when he reads to them. Along with the tutoring, Antoine recently hosted a book drive, donating over 860 books to children in need. To create these opportunities for NHS members, Antoine leveraged a connection with SA Youth to directly help students in the South San Antonio Independent School District. 


Apart from Reading Buddies, as president of NHS, Antoine frequently coordinates volunteering opportunities with the Food Bank, leveling piles of mulch at the community farm and loading food boxes into cars at food pickups. Furthermore, Antoine orchestrated a collaboration between NHS and WLC to offer park cleanup volunteering for the club members. One of Antoine’s favorite cultural events with WLC was an empanada event coordinated by Spanish vice president Matthew Stagg in which they made empanadas which Matthew cooked and shared. Finally, Antoine is an active member of Quiz Bowl, in which his team recently secured 3rd place in a national competition. 


Antoine with his sister and dogs

Outside of school, Antoine loves to play ragtime music on the piano both competitively and as volunteer work. Before COVID-19, he was an avid competitive piano player, learning the piano from his instructor who first introduced him to ragtime. However, he now is self-taught, reading through the music line-by-line, working on it slowly then using a metronome to reach the intended speed. Most recently, Antoine learned “Maple Leaf Rag.” Along with competing, Antoine plays at nursing homes and homeless children’s shelters to bring joy into others’ lives with his music. 


Maintaining an active lifestyle is critical for Antoine, and he has recently started consistently working out. Before the pandemic, Antoine loved competing in team sports, specifically tennis and basketball. Freshman year, the Keystone tennis team competed at a regional tennis tournament in Houston, and Antoine felt connected to the team throughout the overnight competition. Additionally, Antoine started playing basketball in fifth grade. At first, he wanted to play soccer, but after he missed the soccer sign-up deadline, his mother encouraged him to join the basketball team. Upon joining the team, Antoine found his love for basketball and continued to play it till sophomore year. 


When moving from his old school, Antoine was quickly able to adapt and grow in the Keystone community. He loves Keystone’s tight-knit environment, supportive teachers, and welcoming classmates. Upon joining Keystone, Antoine reflects on the ninth grade class trip, hiking and rooming with his classmates for the first time. Antoine fondly recalls sitting around a campfire as when he felt the strongest sense of community. 


Throughout his Keystone journey, Antoine attributes the most influential person in his life to be his younger sister. Despite her being five years younger than him, Antoine loves his sister’s joy and how she always sees the positive in life, a trait Antoine constantly strives to emulate. Whether they’re watching movies, playing ping pong, or racing remote-control cars around the house, Antoine’s sister never fails to uplift him through all of life’s struggles. 


As Antoine graduates from Keystone to college, I know he will bring his driven yet kind nature to better his community and campus. When asked what advice he would give to a high school student, Antoine warns against the pitfalls of procrastination and the negative effect of stress when testing. Antoine’s ability to balance schoolwork with his extracurricular and amplify his kindness to his community will guarantee his success throughout his college life and beyond. I am ecstatic to see how Antoine will improve the lives of others in the years to come.