Dear Reader Letter 7

Hi and welcome back to another edition of the Keynote!

To start, I want to thank all of you amazing readers! Last month, we had over 3,000 page views, a new record for the Keynote, and that would not have been possible without you!

In this edition, you’ll find comics and articles from all sorts of Keystone students with all sorts of interests.¬†We also have a handful of changes to the sections. By now, you have likely noticed a new tab called “The Forum,” a combined World Today and Debate section. Both of the section editors felt as though the two sections combined would best frame the section, so we are currently trying a drop-down format for the two sections. Additionally, Debate is now called “Op-Ed” to better capture the essence of the section of the Keynote.

Next, you’ll notice two other tabs: LitMag and Yearbook. As mentioned in the previous reader letter, we are now collaborating and introducing these two new sections to the Keynote. Therefore, if you are a Keystone student, please submit any literature to the LitMag and any photos of events to the Yearbook!

Finally, the Keynote now officially has a mailing list! If you would like content straight into your inbox, please sign up for the monthly Keynote newsletter!

If you want to give us some feedback on these changes, please fill out this survey here.

Once again, thank you so, so much, and have a fantastic weekend!