Staff Selections: Halloween Shows


You’ve got your candy, and now it’s time to curl up by the T.V. to watch classy shows. Let the Keynote staff members help your next show. Also, given that I have not watched the majority of these shows, most of the descriptions will be straight from the staff members. 


Stranger Things

This ever-so-popular series starts off with the mystery behind a boy’s sudden vanishment. This is one of the staff member’s favorite shows, as it “has comedy, horror, and suspense.”


A Midnight Mass

This horror Netflix show traces the supernatural occurrences after a priest joins an isolated island community. As described by a staff member, “It’s directed really well and has suspense.”


The Room

To watch or not to watch? To this, the Keynote staff member simply states, “Very bad movie. Nothing to do with Halloween.”


Corpse Bride, Nightmare before Christmas, Spongebob Halloween Episode

For animation lovers, here’s a popular combination of animated Halloween movies. 


Squid Games

This is yet another popular horror Netflix show, and it is, in fact, one of the most searched for Halloween costumes on Google.