Dear Reader Letter 4

Derek Wong, Co-Editor-In-Chief, Staff Writer

Dear readers,

What a ride has it been over the last few months, but we all powered through a semester of virtual learning. I just want to say how much I admire your diligence and your bravery in keeping our community together and in good spirits, a task very hard to do especially now.

Here, at the Keystone Keynote, we all were going on this wild journey together as our school tried to find a balance between remote learning and letting students go back on campus, with some interesting results. Still, through a variety of ways, our community has held its ground through clubs, messaging platforms, email exchanges, and much much more.

As the semester comes to an end, and a hopeful vaccine is looming on the horizon, we must take the time to reflect on how we got here. The stories we told through the Keynote over the last few months reveal that, as a community, we are still willing to speak out on the things that matter and express ourselves to spread joy. Our writers have covered topics from the hotly contested election to something silly such as Netflix recommendations. We hope that we will continue to provide a bridge of communication where we can continue conveying the ideas that we hold dear to our hearts.

Before you go, the Keynote would like to ask the community how they felt about the last semester. We hope that you will take the time to answer the following survey at this link. We would greatly appreciate your responses! Likewise, please vote in the below poll about our monthly editions!

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Until next time!


Your Editor-In-Chief,

Derek Wong