Dear Reader Letter 3

Derek Wong, Co-Editor-In-Chief, Staff Writer

Dear Reader,

Boy, has the last few months been a ride. The real irony is that we published an article about the COVID-19 back in February (written by the wonderful Kaitlin Albarran) when everything was less chaotic and our school was in full celebration of Valentine’s Day. To think, we had Field Day, a normal Keystone tradition with lots of human contact, at the beginning of March, right before everything went downhill.

As our school went on full distance-learning mode for the last quarter and concurrent hybrid learning this fall, The Keynote took a step back and reassessed the situation at hand. Since our paper had the benefit of being digital, the real situation was making sure our writers can still collect their distinct viewpoints as effectively as possible, even when we’re all isolated in the confines of our homes. Thus, The Keynote will be having a few exciting updates starting with this current edition!

First, we are switching to monthly mini-publications instead of our previous quarterly large editions! We hope to provide more content at your fingertips as we all try to manage to quarantine (or, at least, safe social distancing).

Second, we are opening our submissions to the entire Upper School of Keystone! We hope that more people can provide their unique perspectives about the rapidly-changing world around them. If you are interested in submitting, a Google Form will be provided on our site or you can contact our editors!

Lastly, we will be regularly adding new content to the site! A few items on the horizon include revamped comics, an advice column, and much more. Plus, a future revamping of the site may be coming your way…

The Keynote thanks all of our readers for tuning in! Both Shreya (our new co-Editor-in-Chief) and I are excited about this new year and are looking forward to making this year a great one, even if we’re all stuck at home. If you ever have any comments or suggestions, leave them in the comments sections of our articles or you can send us an email at [email protected]. We are always listening to new suggestions and would love to hear from our readers!

Stay safe, Keystoners.


Best regards,

Derek Wong