Protecting America: More Than Just a Wall



Last year, for our last AP English project, our class was assigned a research paper. Ms. Slovak encouraged us to speak on subjects we have a passion for or wouldn’t normally be able to write about, so I chose the idea of American national security. This essay outlines what are seen as the largest threats to our nation’s security, and how Donald Trump’s policies contrast the guidance of his advisors. This was written last May, so some things have changed (especially with the removal of American troops from Syria), but many of Trump’s policies are still the same. Though the article showcases my own opinions, I hope that it provokes some thought about how national emergencies are called and what qualifies something as a “national security threat.” Language around politics has become so inflammatory as our political system becomes more and more polarized, so I wanted to highlight how vocabulary is used to stir up the nation or create hysteria. Hopefully, even if you don’t agree with my politics, the article can teach you something or help you create some of your own new ideas or opinions about how we talk about politics…

To read the full article, please click the redirect link here: Protecting America: More Than Just a Wall – Google Docs