Dear Reader Letter

Evan Berkowitch, Co-editor-in-chief

Dear Reader,

Put simply, Keystone students like a lot of stuff, and our first issue as The Keynote reflects these diverse interests that permeate our Upper School, 132 students strong. Despite our small size, a tremendous proportion of the high school has either contributed or edited this edition, helping us reach the next level. Evolving from our makeshift Google Sites, The Keynote has entered a new age, featuring an original domain and including integrative content such as polling and comments. As you notice the upgraded aesthetics and organization, please try to appreciate all the behind-the-scenes work exerted by our design team which Katie graciously anchored.

I’m excited to see the articles, pictures, videos you submit to The Keynote this school year and for, hopefully, years to come. The activity among the sophomore class in particular imparts hope that we can continue to develop our student newspaper for years to come. Remember that you can always speak to Katie or me about joining The Keynote as a contributor or writer; you also can approach section editors directly about content you would like to submit.

The editorial policy is posted and remember to comment responsibly. Please email us at [email protected] to send a “letter to the editor” if you have any concerns or new ideas. Enjoy and have a great Thanksgiving Break!

Thank you,

Evan Berkowitch