Contemporary Art: Genius or Pointless?

Allison Wu, Staff Writer


Art embodies multitudes of styles including Renaissance, Baroque, and Impressionism. When comparing art from different periods of time, interpretation and skill is incomparable. Contemporary art should only be evaluated, not in comparison to others, but within itself. So that leads to the main question: What is contemporary art? Everything has been contemporary but not everything that is art is contemporary. In fact, many art historians debate on when to define the beginning of the contemporary art genre. After communal consensus among art historians, contemporary art consists of works produced in the late 1960s or early 1970s to today, known as modernism. Therefore, modernism is the current movement that is considered contemporary relative to the present. According to the Modern Met, the major “contemporary” art movements are Pop, Photorealism, Conceptualism, Minimalism, Performance, Earth, and Street Art. With such diverse movements, is modern art a result of creative brain-drain or a collection of new toyed concepts expressed in non-traditional fashion?  Is modern art pointless and ineffective or is modernism successfully inputting political and social commentary to the atmosphere of the time? To answer these questions, one must evaluate each aspect of the movement and analyze the paintings and the reactions to the paintings.

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